Photo of Dee McCarneyHello! My name is Dee McCarney and I was born in England, grew up in Aotearoa, and lived many years in Australia, but after visiting Cymru when I was in my twenties, it’s the place I always wanted to call home … and here I am!

Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by language, but as so often happens, the necessities of earning a living got in the way of my dream to become a polyglot.

Since coming to Cymru in 2008 I’ve learnt Welsh (with lots of help from www.SaySomethinginWelsh.com) and proved to myself that I can live through the medium of a language other than English.

I’ve worked as a researcher with the University of South Wales and with Chwarae Teg, a Cardiff-based charity, but it’s time for me to fly solo.

As I establish my home here, I want to explore everything this wonderful country has to offer and to promote it to the world. SaySomethinginWelsh has shown that there is a keen audience out there – people that are not only learning Welsh, but are enthusiastic about visiting Cymru and using their new language out and about in the wild.

If you have a business in Cymru that you would like to promote across the world, or just the other side of Offa’s Dyke, how about letting me write about what you have to offer and attract new customers from the four corners of the planet!

Freelance blogging

I love writing! I love researching information, thinking about how to present it in a way that is interesting and clear to readers, and putting something of my own personality into my writing.

I’ve written academic articles and research reports, but what I really enjoy is writing in a style that talks directly to the reader – a style that engages them with the subject and encourages them to read more. As a Kiwi that has migrated to Wales I can add a different perspective to your website or publication.

If you’re looking for a freelance blogger/writer, why not contact me and give me a try?

Freelance proofreader/copy-editor

Wherever I’ve worked I’ve always taken a keen interest in making sure that all work is presented totally free of any spelling or grammatical errors. I’m very picky and definitely a perfectionist about such things, so happy to take on proofreading jobs large and small.

If you want to be sure your website has accommodation spelt correctly and its has an apostrophe only when it should, then contact me.

Dee was tasked with proofreading 11 very detailed teaching modules developed for the Dyslang project. The majority of these were written by non-native speakers of English and required editing for clarity which Dee performed. Her proofreading was prompt, accurate and exceedingly thorough. I would highly recommend Dee for proofreading work.

Jill Fernando, British Dyslexia Association

For the moment I’m only offering this service in English, but as my Welsh reaches an advanced level I will be taking on work in Welsh as well.

So here I am, at an age when some people are thinking of retiring, and I’m enthusiastically launching myself into a new career, one that I will never have to give up!

Join me on my journey!

(Scenic photo courtesy of Desmond Woods of Beauty of Wales Photos)

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