Photo of Dee McCarneyHello! My name is Dee McCarney and I was born in England, grew up in Aotearoa, and lived many years in Australia, but after visiting Cymru when I was in my twenties, it’s the place I always wanted to call home … and here I am!

Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by language, but as so often happens, the necessities of earning a living got in the way of my dream to become a polyglot.

Since coming to Cymru in 2008, I’ve learnt Welsh (with lots of help from www.SaySomethinginWelsh.com) and proved to myself that I can live through the medium of a language other than English.

I’ve worked as a researcher with the University of South Wales and with Chwarae Teg, a Cardiff-based charity, but it’s time for me to fly solo and follow my dream – to have a career based on my love of language-learning.

As I establish my home here, I want to explore everything this wonderful country has to offer and to promote it to the world. SaySomethinginWelsh has shown that there is a keen audience out there – people that are not only learning Welsh, but are enthusiastic about visiting Cymru and using their new language out and about in the wild.

Welsh Language Experience

I have a spare room in my house – Nyth y Kiwi – with twin beds, and I let it out on AirBnB. I really enjoy having Welsh learners come to stay, and I can offer a “Welsh Language Experience”, not just speaking Welsh with them in the house, but taking them to conversation groups and local events where they can meet other learners and first-language Welsh speakers.

Intensive 5-day Welsh Course

As well as the regular online lessons, SaySomethinginWelsh offers 5-day intensive residential courses. I have received training from Aran Jones, CEO of SSiW, and I’m authorised to run these courses. They are usually held in a house rented specifically for the purpose where each of the four participants has their own room, but I can also offer the course for just one or two participants staying in Nyth y Kiwi and sharing facilities.

Come to Llandysul and give your Welsh the boost it needs!


(Scenic photo courtesy of Desmond Woods of Beauty of Wales Photos)

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