Language Immersion

For the next two weeks I will be immersed in other languages. I will be starting with Welsh, then throwing myself into the world of a polyglot in Berlin!


Starting tomorrow Tresaith will be welcoming 10 adult learners who have decided to spend an entire week living through the medium of Welsh. Some will be nervous, some will be excited, some will be a little of both, but one thing is certain. From the following week on, they will have the capacity to go about their daily lives using Welsh as they will have proved to themselves that it IS possible.

I’ve been to bootcamp before and been through the whole experience so I will be there to give a hand and offer an understanding shoulder if moments of frustration should set in. Everyone reacts differently, but it is common to become very tired after a couple of days as the brain starts to rebel and wants to relax back into English.

Those that push through this stage and force their brain to cooperate find that it starts to become easier until eventually speaking Welsh seems like the most natural thing in the world. And I really look forward to watching hesitant learners turn into new Welsh speakers.


Following that I’ll be heading off to Berlin to experience the Polyglot Get-together. I hope to meet lots of people that I only know online – from Facebook or online language-learning courses – to make new friends and to dabble in new languages. Who knows? I might find people that have learnt Welsh and want to practise! It would be interesting to see how many others know what language we’re speaking.

So my next post will be packed full of news … and hopefully a successful report on the next step in my goal of becoming a polyglot.

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