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The main aim of this page is to help you learn Welsh. As I find and try out different methods of learning, I will review them and give my thoughts and advice here. If my experiences can help others in any way, I’m happy to share them. Comments from others are also very welcome!

But as I’m passionate about language learning in general and an aspiring polyglot, I will also be reviewing various different methods of learning other languages. I can’t wait to get started!

Cymraeg / Welsh

Without doubt, one of the most effective methods I’ve come across for learning to speak Welsh is Say Something in Welsh. The idea behind this course is to get you understanding spoken Welsh and speaking yourself in a very short time. Grammar is not explicitly taught but rather picked up naturally as you work through the lessons. There is a choice of north Walian or south Walian and the language taught is that used in the community by first language speakers. At the end of Course 1, learners become eligible to attend a ‘bootcamp’, a week of immersion in Welsh in either Tresaith or the Llŷn Peninsula! Whether you’re attending a regular class and want to increase your confidence at speaking, or you want to have a go yourself, you can’t go far wrong with this course.

You could also give Bliu Bliu a try. It doesn’t have a great deal of Welsh there yet, but that will come. In the meantime there are lots of other language resources to play with!

General Language Learning

One of the big stars of the language learning world is Benny, the Irish Polyglot. He failed miserably at learning languages in school, but took it up with a passion as an adult and has a wealth of tips to share with others keen to have similar success. Benny’s most comprehensive package is his Fluent in 3 Months Premium, which contains a collection of his individual language books as well as solid general advice. He also has some quick tips in Speak in a Week if you just want to dabble a bit first.

Bliu Bliu is another site that offers a variety of languages. They aim to increase fluency by presenting the learner with REAL material aimed at an appropiate level. By indicating which words you know and don’t know, the programme automatically selects reading and listening material that will extend your knowledge but not overwhelm you with unknown vocabulary. Recently Bliu Bliu introduced Learn a Language in a Month challenges. The feedback has been great with one participant successfully using some Spanish in Spain after only THREE weeks!

For a quick overview of how Bliu Bliu works, have a look at this video

(Note that if you purchase a package through links on this page I will receive a small commission.)

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