I have lived and worked in 4 countries – New Zealand, England, Australia, and now Wales.

During that time I have gained university qualifications in Linguistics, Computer Science and Primary Teaching, with the latest being an MA in Language and Communication Research from Cardiff University.

Work Experience

My years of working as a Software Developer have given me an eye for detail and the ability to be meticulous and precise about my work. This same precision I now apply to proofreading and copy-editing work, ensuring that your text will always be presented without errors.

As a Primary Teacher I was interested in opening the eyes of children to the world, engaging them in discussion about different cultures and ways of life, and I’m still interested in writing in a way that provokes people to think and consider the world we live in.

As a Researcher I searched the Internet for evidence to present on subjects ranging from dyslexia and developmental difficulties to issues relating to gender equality. I’m keen to see a more balanced society where women and men can choose to contribute equally to their children’s lives while following their interests and building their careers.

As a keen Language Learner I enjoy investigating, trialling and writing about different ways of language learning, passing on tips on anything that seems to be helpful.

What I Offer

I specialise in writing that will help you engage with your customers and reach out to a new audience. I’m especially keen to promote Cymru to the world and encourage more people to visit and enjoy this beautiful country.

I can check over text that appears on websites, in promotional material, and longer articles, proofreading for spelling and grammar, but also suggesting minor alterations that will make the writing clearer and more interesting for the reader.

Dee was tasked with proofreading 11 very detailed teaching modules developed for the Dyslang project. The majority of these were written by non-native speakers of English and required editing for clarity which Dee performed. Her proofreading was prompt, accurate and exceedingly thorough. I would highly recommend Dee for proofreading work.

Jill Fernando, British Dyslexia Association

I appreciate that time is important and I guarantee to always respond to emails within 12 hours.


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