Tragedy in the Mediterranean

Here in Wales we don’t get boatloads of desperate people drowning while trying reach our shores. We don’t even have a particularly high rate of migration, apart from people moving here from England. But the tragedy unfolding in the Mediterranean must surely touch us all.

Some people try to claim these aren’t REAL asylum seekers. They call them economic migrants as if trying to avoid watching your children starve to death because you don’t have the money to feed them somehow means you are less deserving of assistance than those fleeing violence.

I cannot believe that anyone would risk their lives making such a treacherous journey just because they weren’t completely satisfied with their conditions and wanted something a bit better. These people are desperate. No one in their right mind would attempt that crossing if they weren’t.

UKIP wants to drastically reduce the foreign aid that the UK gives to improve conditions for people in their homelands. What affect would that have? It would increase the numbers of people forced to search for a way to sustain their families elsewhere. There would be MORE people needing to leave their homes and struggling to reach a place of safety.

If we really want a solution we need to find ways to help people have safe and satisfying lives in their own countries. We need more of the quiet heroes like Wil Morus Jones who started BanglaCymru, a Welsh organisation that performs free surgery for the extremely poor in Bangladesh, giving a new lease of life to those suffering from cleft palate deformities.

The world has the capacity to feed and nuture all its people, but everything is out of balance. There are governments and leaders across the world that are more concerned with protecting the welfare of a few at the top than improving the standard of living and providing hope to the many at the bottom. While we still have such an imbalance, people will become desperate and do anything to give a better life to their children. While we still have that, I fear we will see more of the tragedies that occurred this week.

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